‘Fourteen Days in New York’ | iPhonography

by Shibu Arakkal



There is a school of belief in a New York style of design, a prominent one at that. Though the city’s character is tied to its people’s grit, there is concrete substance and a certain classicism to what New Yorkers believe to be good taste.
The Williamsburg Bank building is something that has strong design genes as it is classical in a New York sort of way.
I have gone one way and the other on design and in particular on architecture. I believe in timelessness and I believe in design having soul. I also believe in design, well art in general, being humble even if proud and as such, putting function ahead of form.
In a world where design seems to be looking towards everything retro and vintage for inspiration or to be considered hip, there is something to be said for all that is quintessentially timeless. And that doesn’t come easy.

Shibu Arakkal

Spring Twenty Eighteen

Shibu Arakkal‘Fourteen Days in New York’ | iPhonography