‘The Sea and I’

by Shibu Arakkal



In what had been an ever-changing view of this world, as I had seen it through my journey thus far, my horizon had remained constant until the day when that blurred too.




Having embraced a dualistic view of my life as the norm, I neither focused on the sky nor the earth below but the horizon itself. That line in the sky wasn’t in reality a divider but a unifier of both parts which formed my own view of life.




It was where the two parts joined to form a whole that summed up my own existence. A line that had taken me on the long walk to here.




When my horizon faded away, I saw the line as having come a full circle. Everything that ever meant anything to me had come to such meaningful nothingness.




For the first time in my journey, I pondered over the earth that lie beneath me.

In a moment of mindless reality, it came to me, that as much as I found philosophical learning from this earth itself and it’s multi-natured landscape, the sea on the other hand, appeared at times like a mirror to who I really was.




It is mystifying and evident where I stand, that the sea reflects me in ways that are frightening, much like it’s own deep dark heart. The abyss of its existence, having submerged the landscape that once saw light.

It is though indistinguishable to me if its stillness or its turbulence is what frightens me. Or that it can so simply drown everything that it flows over.

Shibu Arakkal

Monsoon Twenty Twenty

Shibu Arakkal‘The Sea and I’