“Photographically” I came to know Shibu Arakkal in 2005 when, with a very interesting work, he won the first prize of the International Jury in the Photography section of the Biennale in Arad, Romania.
Since then his growth has been incredible, without stops.

His ability to create through the photos, deep concepts and emotions manifests an intimate relationship, almost a fusion between the eye, heart, and the technical medium used.

Many are the realities represented over several years of activity, professional and artistic.

Entering quietly in harmony with the beautiful images that form the collection “Off the shadow” is a perception that goes beyond the expression of the artist.
Time expands, grows until it falls into a dimension devoid of holds that can categorize it. The reality is transformed and the relation of space/time takes the limits of dreaming to a universe made of an immense life which does not know fear derived from blackmail. The objects don’t grow older nor the houses, the buildings, the leaves, the landscapes, if who watches them preserves their spirit. They are the representation of a millenary wisdom at halfway between dream and reality.

It is easy to imagine voices, sounds, loves and passions entering in into the pictures of Shibu.

It is even easier to let those slumbering passions emerge in a collective and hopeless frenzy suggesting we hide for fear of showing weakness.

As if the emotional weakness were a negative element of our lives and as if life itself must necessarily be a manifestation of omnipotence.

That in every element there is sup
port in this continuing struggle to tear off this straitjacket made of preconceived ideas and to enable us to boost our subjective capacity to live independent emotions as a valuable ally.

Passing, in a journey without end, and circular, from an image to another of “Off the shadow” it is possible to hear clearly the detachment from a view of things influenced by prejudice.

The soft and fluffy composition of the sand, from which emerge stubborn traces of plant life gives way to the timeless architecture that transport us to an ancient story but still alive and present.

Geometries uncommon for those who have never watched his neighbour if not with the eyes of those who see in him a stranger.

To discover that history, one made of an uninterrupted sequence of emotions, creations and transformations soaked by culture, is not the exclusive prerogative of only one part of the universe, but it belongs to every member of humanity, is a moment of intense reflection made possible by stimulations of a very high profile.

And of a high profile are the creations of Shibu Arakkal that travel around the world, every day more revealing its mysteries and, perhaps, discovering other new.

Sure that are of high-profile all those emotions that, shared without barriers, allow us to live an important step for the growth of the entire context, of which we form a part.

Alfonso Caputo

28th April | 2012
Belforte del Chienti

Shibu ArakkalOff The Shadow – Foreword