Shibu’s latest series, most of which is created in a panoramic format is quite amazing. I believe that it is easy to work on high-contrast or medium-toned images but to work on flat and low-key images with not much contrast is difficult. These colour works have a surreal feel to them, almost painting-like. I am really impressed with his new work. Normally, I am not very impressed with experimental photo art done in this country, because I feel most of it lacks in concept and depth.

This new series is brilliant and very original.

His black and white works are quite surreal too. They seem to have been pre-conceptualised as to how a painter would. The tonal value in these works are very well-thought-out and the balance between tonality and detail is just right.
In my opinion, Shibu is a complete artist.

Rafique Sayed

Mumbai | August 2017

Shibu ArakkalFour – Guest Note