As the realms of possibilities advance with the world increasingly becoming a smaller place, it is rather ironic that we seem to be getting ever so isolated.

I read once that perspective plays the strangest tricks and indeed that perspective is also what makes us so unique.

Backpacking through Europe at twenty two was my graduation into the real world, though somewhat strangely I wished every Indian could do the same.

Although I wouldn’t be bold enough to say that it was all enchanting or even easy, I would without a shadow of doubt be much less of a person if I hadn’t travelled.

Having been robbed by a couple of burly blokes at knife point in London to nearly having my cameras stolen in Brussels, having gone through a month long journey of Rajasthan with barely two thousand rupees to swaying in the wind on the tip of the Eiffel tower, from driving a buggy on the grand prix track in Macau to sailing through the land of Zorba the Greek, I can say with great content that the journey thus far has been most colorful.

The yearning to see more of this captivating planet has never been quenched and I doubt that it ever will.

Shibu Arakkal

Winter | Twenty O’Five

Shibu ArakkalBeen There – Artist’s Note