Shibu Arakkal is not a conventional guy. He does not see his subject conventionally, nor does he shoot conventionally

Rumi says, ‘You have only two small eyes, yet they can see the whole universe’. Every man is born with a different perspective to see things. In artists, this sensitivity is enhanced and makes the difference between the ordinary and the extraordinary. Shibu is one of those who will try to see the universe in his own way. He has the heart of a painter and the mind of a photographer. I think this is a potent combination for a young photographer. He can create his own universe.

I always think that humans never invent, they only discover. There are photographers who take pictures and there are those who make them. In this age of the digital invasion, I hardly see many in this country who conceptualise anything before shooting. They make pictures on the computer. This is an age, which has sharpened the divide between the creative and the technical. I am not against a technical approach, only of technology being a master of man.

I have seen Shibu moving step by step towards achieving something of his own, risking much in the bargain, but focusing on his goal.

In the past two years, photography has gone through an upheaval. Technological advancements have sometimes made it difficult for photographers to think creatively. We are living in a cage of our own creation. Art has turned into technique. In this sense, Shibu has found a way to use both. He has carved his own path and I am sure he will create milestones of his own

Rafique Sayed

Photographer | Mumbai | 2006

Shibu ArakkalAbstract Notions – Guest Note